January Calendars

MLKHere are the revised calendars for January 2015!

January 2015 English

enero 2015 Espanol

Dressing Up and Dressing Down This Week

treeMany parents are asking about dress up and dress down guidelines for this week.  This has been tricky because of the events being on different days at each campus!

Here’s a breakdown by day and campus for the remainder of the week:

Wednesday, December 17

128th Street Campus: Breakfast with Santa – Free Dress Up

Rockaway Boulevard Campus: Parish Food Pantry Drive – Free Dress Down with donation of an item for the Parish Food Pantry!

Thursday, December 18

128th Street Campus: No Event – Regular Uniform

Rockaway Boulevard Campus: Honors Assembly – Free Dress Up for ALL Students

Friday, December 19

Both Campuses: Grades N-2: Toys for Tots Movie Day – Pajamas for Participating Students

Both Campuses: Grades 3-8: Regular Uniform…For Now!

Special Dress Down – Wednesday, December 3

Saint Jude Childrens HospitalSPECIAL $2.00 DRESS DOWN



In Memory of


Sister of Theresa Andersen, Principal of Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Academy

Donations larger than $2.00 will also be accepted.

100% of funds collected will be donated to Saint Jude’s Hospital.

You can also donate directly here.   Please include Amelia LaLima’s name in the Dedication field.

Leadership Newsletter

advent-wreath-1Dear Parents and Guardians,

Today, we began the second trimester of the academic year and enter a month of celebration as we prepare for the birth of our Lord and Savior! Our Lady’s Catholic Academy will be hosting a free Breakfast with Santa for both campuses, along with other exciting events throughout the month of December.

Here are some updates associated with some of our upcoming events this week:



In response to the demanding schedules of many of our parents, we are trying something new this year. On Thursday, December 4, we will be sending home a copy of your child’s report card in a sealed envelope. This will allow for parents to review the card in anticipation for report card conferences on Friday, December 5, or to be aware of their child’s progress, in the event that they cannot attend on Friday.

Please note that the first four tuition payments must be paid in full for you to receive the report card and to meet with teachers about the report card. If your account is not up to date, we will send a letter home in the envelope detailing what needs to be done to bring your account up to date. This will also allow for parents to bring errors to our attention without compromising your ability to meet with teachers on December 5.

We will also include a contact information sheet with the card. We ask that you confirm the accuracy of the information as we transition to digital communication in the second trimester. It will be very important for us to have updated e-mail addresses!

ADVENT MASS – Saturday, December 6

There will be a special Children’s Mass for Advent at Saint Teresa of Avila church on Saturday, December 6 at 10:00 AM. Students attending should dress up in red or pink or wear their uniform.

Sincerely in Christ,

Kevin John Coyne,  Debra Eisenbraun & Jennifer Halbert

Principal   and     Assistant Principals

December Calendars

turkey1Here are our calendars for the month of December.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Mr. Coyne, Mrs. Eisenbraun, and Mrs. Halbert

December 2014 English

Diciembre 2014 Espanol

Fellow Catholic Academy Saint Rose of Lima Featured on Net TV

Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Academy, located in Rockaway Beach, was featured on Net TV this week!

Under the leadership of their principal, Theresa Andersen, Saint Rose of Lima is a model of generosity and compassion, embodying the mission and ministry on which our faith is founded.

OLCA is proud to be an academy alongside Saint Rose of Lima!

Leadership Team Newsletter

novemberDear Parents and Guardians,

Just a few more updates about some happenings at OLCA!

 Tablet Update

We are awaiting final clearance from New York State’s E-RATE program for the purchasing of the tablets. The students are very excited, and as soon as the tablets arrive, they will be using them every day in the classroom!

Wall of Fame – November 2014

On Thursday, November 6, we began Wall of Fame for the month of November. Students who meet all of the following criteria from November 6 through November 26 will receive a special dress down day, along with pizza and ice cream! They will also be photographed and placed on the Wall of Fame bulletin board in the lobby.

  1. Fully prepared for class every day.
  2. All classwork and homework fully completed.
  3. No Incident Reports.
  4. No Uniform Violations.
  5. No unexcused latenesses or absences.

Thanksgiving Luncheons

We will be sending home flyers for our upcoming Thanksgiving Luncheons. This is one of our favorite OLCA events, where the whole school eats a special lunch together. Parents are invited to donate funds or prepare foods if they can, but every single child participates in the lunch at no charge! At this year’s luncheons, we will be honoring our faculty, staff, and volunteers for their years of service.

2014 Servant Leadership Awards

Every year, we honor two OLCA staff members who have enriched our community with their talents and their service.   I am proud to announce this year’s Servant Leadership honorees, who will be celebrated at our Thanksgiving Luncheons!

Lillian Gallway began working in our community as a parent volunteer at Saint Anthony of Padua school.   She then moved into the office, eventually becoming one of Saint Anthony’s secretaries. Since OLCA opened in 2009, Mrs. Gallway has been an essential part of our success, running our school lunch program, maintaining student records, and always being a warm and friendly face to greet our students and parents each and every morning.

Sandra Paz-Zamora served on the faculty of both Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Anthony of Padua schools as a junior high English Language Arts teacher. In 2012, she joined the OLCA faculty as a Spanish and Art teacher for all grades, enriching our curriculum program. Mrs. Zamora is always among the first to volunteer her time for school events and extracurricular activities.

Congratulations to this year’s honorees!

Sincerely in Christ,

Mr. Coyne, Mrs. Eisenbraun, and Mrs. Halbert



Leadership Newsletter

free-halloween-clipart-RiAkynxiLDear Parents and Guardians,

Here are a few more updates for you!


This has been the biggest year ever for our candy sale! We have many families in the running for the big prizes, and even more families that do not have to sell raffle tickets in the spring because they sold six or more boxes. Tomorrow is the last day to request boxes, and we cannot guarantee any will be left over after tomorrow. Remember that all money must be in by November 17 for it to count toward the prizes!


 After-school activities have begun, and more are still on the way! We are looking to develop more activities for the younger children, and we are open to having parents play a role in these activities. If you would like to help organize an activity, please contact Mrs. Eisenbraun at either office.


 This year, we added several new countries to our collection of flags, including the Czech Republic, Ghana, Nassau, Nepal, and South Korea. We want to thank our office and custodial staffs, along with our eighth grade teachers, for their hard work in making this year’s assembly a success. Thanks as well to all of the parents who attended. It was wonderful having you here with us to celebrate our rich diversity.


 As a reminder, OLCA is closed on Friday, October 31 for a professional day. We will be celebrating Halloween on Thursday, October 30. Students will be allowed to wear costumes and there will be events throughout the day. Remember: no masks, no hoods up, and no weapons! All costumes must be appropriate for our school community. If you want to bring in treats for your child’s class, please notify the homeroom teacher in advance, if possible.


 For the month of November, we are partnering with Lenny’s Pizzeria and Howard Beach Bagel Café to offer some different options for lunch.   Please continue to give us feedback so we can make the program best meet the needs of your children.


 On October 18, our fourth grade teacher Stephanie Mastrangelo joined Michael Marrone in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. We wish them all the best and congratulate them on this sacred milestone of their journey together.

Sincerely in Christ,

Kevin John Coyne       Debra Eisenbraun and Jennifer Halbert

Principal                         Assistant Principals

Special Halloween Cake Sale

Wednesday, October 29th

$2.00 per giant cake slice/giant cupcake


November Calendars

novemberNovember 2014 English

Noviembre 2014 Espanol

Lunch Form for Monday, November 3 – Friday, November 14

Please see the lunch form below, which has been distributed to all classes today.  In November, we are partnering with Lenny’s Pizzeria and Howard Beach Bagel Cafe to provide new options to parents at a lower cost.  We will continue to adjust the menu from month to month until we are certain that parents are getting the best value and the best nutrition for their money!

Lunch Menu 11.3.14 – 11.14.14

Please look out for a newsletter and the November Calendar, which will be distributed and posted online tomorrow.

Mr. Coyne